A few people gathered around a desk that’s strewn with paper and post-it notes as if they are engaged in a collaborative meeting.

A beginner’s guide to the origins of, reasons for and first steps you can take to write user stories.

“The system must accept the entry of the customer name into the registration screen.”

“The system shall have an interface to the payroll system to carry updated staff details.”

An image of the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey. A black grave set into a tile floor surrounded by poppies and with three poppy wreaths lying in front.
The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey. Picture credit.

Westminster Abbey’s most solemn monument contains the body of an unidentified soldier picked at random from the battlefields of the First World War.

A team of smiling 3d-rendered blue stick men with a single smiling red man standing in the middle. Above them there is a host of question marks.

A list of thought provoking, silly, unexpected and occasionally deep questions to ask you team members.

A black computer screen with programming code written on it. The words “As a… I want… So that…” are superimposed in yellow bold text.

A simple introduction to the lifecycle of user stories in agile development…

Image of The New York Times newspaper’s headlines for the 11th of November 1918, marking the armistice declaration for the end of the First World War. Headlines read; “Armistice signed, end of the war! Berlin seized by revolutionaries; New chancellor begs for order; Ousted Kaiser flees to Holland.”

How the First World War came to an end after just over four years of bitter conflict.

Photo of Tinkinswood Burial Chamber in sepia tones.

A photograph of St Lythan’s Burial Chamber in sepia tones.

St Lythan’s Burial Chamber, sited on the outskirts of Cardiff, is surrounded by myth and legend.

Wasps, black and yellow pest, or useful insects with a public relations problem?

A cartoon drawing of a man wearing a suit using his many arms to multi-task whilst answering calls, reading things, carrying a clock and drinking a cup of coffee. He appears happy.

We create a lot of personal myths about our ability to multi-task and they are generally not true.

The words “10 principles” written on a background of stopwatches.

Ten principles of time management twenty years ago that still stand the test of time!

C. Stevenson

I’m interested in lots of things and write about them. History, nature, environment, business topics, experimental stories and anything else I fancy.

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