A picture of a yawning man with spiky hair.

Are your energy levels low? Try this…

A list of proven ways to boost your energy levels.

Don’t drink too much booze

Make sure you’ve had enough sleep

Hydrate and then hydrate again

A dog drinking from a tap — he’s well-hydrated!

Eat healthily


Get out in the morning

Get out in the daylight

Smoking doesn’t help

Get to know your body clock

Choose your best time to work

Go for proteins and complex carbohydrates

Make sure your vitamins are topped up

Don’t switch your brain off in from of the TV

A woman staring blankly, her face lit up by a TV screen.

Do something that relaxes you

Positive Mental Attitude

Work somewhere light and airy

Choose your work environment carefully

Be comfortable

Surround yourself with vibrant colours

Take a Shower

A woman under a waterfall having a shower. Don’t feel you have to do this.

Take a day or afternoon off

Try herbal teas instead of caffeinated drinks

Drink something different

Meet with friends

Avoid stress

Believe in the task

Focus on the job

A man peering at you through a magnifying glass. He’s clearly very focussed.

Organise yourself

Tick things off your list

Surround yourself with energetic people

Work in small teams

Listen to a great song

Get up and walk

A picture of a trendy chap walking along a road. He’s carrying a book and a satchel. I’m guessing his name is Tarquin.

Have a stretch

Breath deeply

Laughing and giggling are great for your energy levels

Eat a small bit of chocolate

Power snack

Eat berries

Power Naps

A sleeping white cat; king of power nappers.


Actually finish something

Stand up and rock back and forth on your toes

Stand on your head

Get some inspiration

Do something nice for someone

Cool yourself down



A picture looking down into a cup of coffee, as if peering into the abyss.

Energy Drinks




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