Image of The New York Times newspaper’s headlines for the 11th of November 1918, marking the armistice declaration for the end of the First World War. Headlines read; “Armistice signed, end of the war! Berlin seized by revolutionaries; New chancellor begs for order; Ousted Kaiser flees to Holland.”

Armistice! — How the First World War ended

How the First World War came to an end after just over four years of bitter conflict.

Photo of the signatories of the armistice document taken outside the railway carriage where the armistice was negotiated. Marshal Foch and Admiral Wemyss stand in the centre front row with the German delegation on the steps of the carriage behind. Only Admiral Wemyss looks pleased.



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Chris Stevenson

I’m interested in lots of things and write about them. History, nature, environment, business topics, experimental stories and anything else I fancy.